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J. Craig Venter Institute Mobile Lab Visits SEED School, sponsored by INNF and Merck Fellows

The J.C. Venter Mobile Laboratory. SEED students perform experiments in genetics and heredity aboard the lab.

Washington DC, December 15, 2008 - With assistance from the INNF and AUMF, the J. Craig Venter Mobile Laboratory visited the SEED School Washington DC campus on December 15, 2008. The staff of the Mobile Lab led 10th grade biology students in an activity investigating the inheritance and genetics using analysis of DNA samples. Students had the opportunity to use the latest laboratory equipment, tools and techniques in their study. The Mobile Lab is scheduled for additional visits during the spring semester with activities designed to complement the curriculum for physical and life sciences classes. For more information on the Mobile Lab and science activities go to the J. Craig Venter Mobile Laboratory web site.
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