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PRESS RELEASE:DC and Fairfax County Public Schools Receive Donation of Books to Inspire Brain-Machine Interface Science and Technology

Washington DC, February, 2013 - Washington DC, Fairfax County VA and Durham NC - The International Neuroscience Network Foundation (INNF) announces the donation of more than 900 copies of Dr. Miguel Nicolelis' latest book, "Beyond Boundaries - The new neuroscience of connecting brains with machines and how it will change our lives" to public high schools throughout the District of Columbia.

"Our goal is to provide students access to resources that will help excite and encourage their interest and participation in science and technology, engineering and mathematics. We are pleased to make this donation of a book that tells the story of how neuroscience and technology will impact their lives" said Alan Rudolph, Director of The INNF.

"The book is intended to encourage our young people to explore and enjoy science - and to learn more about neuroscience in particular," explained Dr. Nicolelis as the main objective for the donation. "Neuroscience and the study of the brain represent 'the next big challenge' in our understanding of the human body and its limits. Meeting that challenge of understanding how the brain functions will require the efforts of many different professionals, from neuroscientists and biomedical engineers to computer scientists and mathematicians. We must ignite that spark of interest and inspiration to help our young people develop a curiosity about science - and begin to see themselves pursuing the scientific endeavors of the future."

Although Dr. Nicolelis is widely known for his groundbreaking research on neuroprosthetic devices that offer hope for new ways of treating paralysis and Parkinson's disease, he is also the founder of model science, health and education projects in Brazil, including the Edmond and Lily Safra International Institute for Neuroscience of Natal (Brazil), the Alfredo J. Monteverde School for children and the Anita Garibaldi Women and Children's Health Center. Dr. Nicolelis is the Anne W. Dean Professor of Neuroscience at Duke University, Professor of Neurobiology, Biomedical Engineering and Psychology and founder of Duke's Center for Neuroengineering. He is also the founder of the Edmond and Lily Safra International Institute for Neuroscience of Natal in Brazil. His award-winning research has been published in Nature, Science, and other leading scientific journals, as well as in Scientific American. He is a member of the French and Brazilian Academies of Science.

The International Neuroscience Network Foundation (INNF), a 501(c)3, facilitates breakthrough research and development, education, and social programs that support new science and technology of the brain that translate into revolutionary clinical practices to dramatically improve global human health.

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