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Department of Defense Engineer, Mr. Oliver Barham, Speaks to SEED Students

Washington DC, March, 2012 - The INNF's speaker for the month of March was Mr. Oliver Barham, a mechanical engineer who has worked on various projects for the Department of Defense over the past five years. Students at the SEED school were immediately interested in Mr. Barham's presentation when he wheeled in a five feet submarine called the "Seafox." The Seafox, which once had capabilities to help track and detonate bombs underwater, was just one of the many show-and-tell items that engaged the students.

Oliver's career in the Department of Defense has involved developing Micro Electro Mechanical devices (MEMs) for various projects for the military to protect our soldiers. More generally, Barham's presentation broke down the science courses needed, like chemistry and physics, to obtain real world, really cool, careers in engineering.

Students oohed and aahed over the various videos shown, including a few involving robots and MEMs. One video of particular interest was the quadrocopter -- an unmanned flying device that could play ball and perform other tasks without a human controller.

The most poignant part of Barham's lecture was when he communicated the gratification an engineer feels when his or her idea is manifested. Student seemed to relate, and it wasn't a hard sell when he highlighted diverse projects like a self-ejecting pilot seat and a specialized bullet that did not explode near soldiers. Afterwards, many teens stayed to ask questions and explore the items displayed. The future of engineering lies within the balance of academic preparation applied by inspired, young minds, like those at the SEED school.

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