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SEED Students Get inside Look at Careers in Internet Technology

Washington DC, May, 2012 - Though SEED school students had a block party waiting for them on an 85-degree day this May, they attentively focused on Paul Heayn's engaging presentation on web development. Paul, a coder for six years, broke down the necessary steps to entering the exciting technology career in the tech field. Though Paul is a young programmer, he has already rebuilt sites for organizations such as and currently works for the American Federation of Government Employees.

Although the infamous Facebook is not allowed on SEED's campus (so students will spend less time messaging and more time studying) many students have an account they use off campus. Paul demonstrated how Facebook retrieves your "friend's" data starting with a key number. Paul also made clear that the web is infiltrating all industries and emphasized the role web analytics play big business.

His overarching and practical advice to SEED schoolers was to enroll in federal work-study and to hanker down on tough science prerequisites during the start of undergraduate school. Paul made sure to give the young adults a realistic look at his day-to-day activities as a web developer. He demonstrated that his job as a developer requires wearing different hats. He is responsible to complete duties of a manager, analyst, administrator, and of course, developer.

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