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NIH Researcher Promotes Careers in Science to SEED students

Washington DC, November, 2011 - Ms. Gretchen Ramirez spoke at The SEED School of DC on November 16, 2011. She visited SEED from the National Institute of Health, where she studies cancerous genes in dogs. Ms. Ramirez came to the District of Columbia from Puerto Rico to pursue post secondary education at George Washington University, where she developed an appreciation and love for chemistry. Ms. Ramirez showed the students how a science career could lead to opportunities to travel and to do interesting work that helps others. After obtaining her Masters in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins, Ms. Ramirez studied evolution on site in the Bahamas with Stephen J. Gould; documented the ravages of HIV/AID in South Africa after Apartheid; built and worked in a medical laboratory in Sudan; and held posts at two "Disneylands for scientists," the Smithsonian and the National Institutes of Health.

Mrs. Ramirez spoke to the students at SEED about her work at NIH, and the everyday logistics and importance of her duties. She "wowed" the students when she explained to them how cancers act similarly in dogs and humans, and they were equally impressed with her knowledge and her work. More importantly, Ms. Ramirez spoke to the students in a tone that undoubtedly strived to foster, a love for STEM careers (as expressed by their faces)! Ms. Ramirez offered genuine motivation and guidance as she enthusiastically answered questions about her personal academic hurdles and triumphs compounded with her numerous professional successes. Ms. Ramirez relayed to the students at SEED that, "science is all around us and it makes the impossible possible."

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