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FDA Scientist Speaks at SEED on Heart Health

Washington DC, October, 2011 - Dr. Charles Anamelechi spoke at The SEED School of DC on October 19, 2011. He is a native of the District of Columbia, who studied Biomedical Engineering as a PhD student at Duke University, after graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from Howard University. Dr. Anamelechi currently works for the Food and Drug Administration.

While at The SEED School, Dr. Anamelechi spoke with students about his vast research experience, while simultaneously delivering an anatomy lesson on the physical components of one of our most vital organs, the heart. He then focused on his research on coronary bypass. As a teaching point, Dr. Anamelechi elaborated on the importance of heart health, as it relates to many diseases suffered by American, specifically those of African descent. Dr. Anamelechi took a personal approach when speaking about heart health with the older students at SEED. Many of them were able to identify family members who have previously, or are currently suffering from a heart disease related illness. He was able to stress the importance of heart health to the students at SEED by joining the importance of healthy living with their own personal experiences.

Throughout his interactive lecture, which called for students to recant important information, recite pertinent material, and interject their own thoughts/feelings, Dr. Anamelechi introduced a few of the many pathways that lead to careers in medicine. As a product of Washington D.C. Public Schools, Dr. Anamelechi is a tangible testament to what hard work, dedication, and a STEM-directed major can do! The students at SEED School of DC enjoyed Dr. Anamelechi's time there, as evidenced by the way he was bombarded with questions at the commencement of his lecture sessions.

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